(taken from the Archives of the East Indian Association Silver Jubliee)


The Ambiwli Village Catholic Welfare Association was founded in the year 1929 to help the welfare of the village. Since its commencement to date it has been always busy in doing public work for the interest of the village. It has solved the problems of lighting of roads, repairs to roads and byelanes, water supply, sanitation taxi and Victoria fares, removal of stray dogs, etc.


Since 1929 the Association is in communication with Government and as well as the Municipality for the removal of stable which are situated towards the North of the village and reclamation of the tank in the centre of the village to convert it into a play ground. From the recent correspondence it appears that Government and Municipality are considering our request favorably.


The present Managing Committee is composed of the following:

Rev. C.A.DíAbreo (President), Mr.J.B.DíMello (Vice-President), Mr. Louis D. DíMello (Secretary), Mr. S.M.Rayalou (Treasurer), Messrs P.M.Henriques., A.C.DíMello, Frank DíMello, Joe S. DíMello, Dominic DíSouza, Vincent Penero, Freddie DíSilva, Jem DíMello, Paul DíMello, Nicholas Gonsalves, Benedict DíMello.


Rev Fr. A.C. DíAbreo, the present President is also very keen and doing all possible to further the interest of the Association. Mr. Louis D. DíMello, who has been Secretary since its inception is ably tackling various problems regarding the development of the village satisfactorily.



The St. Baliseís Parish School of Ambiwli was established in 1897 by the Rev. Fr. Alcanto S. Fernandes with 19 students on the roll and was registered on 2nd March 1911. In view of great improvements this institution was acknowledged by Government from 7th September 1923 onwards. Since then the school gradually began to thrive under its Managers. For the last two years Rev. C.A.DíAbreo has been entrusted with this school. During the brief period of his management the number of students has rapidly increased from 231 to 309. In the circumstances there is a demand growing for a High School in Andheri, which is the centre of all the neighbouring villages comprising of about 9000 Catholics. The proposed school will prove a boon to the middle and poorer classes.


THE ďRESTĒ Ranwar Bandra

The above Club was established in the year 1908 by about 25 young men of our Community of the village of Ranwar. The main objects were to develop physical, moral and intellectual faculties.


The Club premises in its incipient stage consisted of a small kutcha building on the outskirts of the village. Thereafter its quarters were shifted to an adjoining compound where it continued its activities for about eight years, and then it moved to its present premises which is purchased by the Club.


The ďRestĒ are the pioneers of dramatic entertainments in Bandra and their annual performances were eagerly looked upon by the public who heartily appreciated the variety entertainments which were open to all free of charges. As far as Bandra is concerned, this Club was the first to stage a performance in aid of the War Relief Fund at the Empire Theatre in Bombay. The drama performed was ďIn The Grip Of AlcoholĒ, which was well patronized and appreciated by the public of Bombay and the Suburbs