Antique photo (early 1900) of the Our Lady of  Nazareth School, Bhyander



Church of Our Lady of Nazareth (Built 1575)


On information provided by the Franciscan Chronicles, Fr. Paulo da Trinidade laid the foundation of the Church of Our lady of Nazareth between the years 1575-1578


Balthasar Gomes was the founder of this church. The whole of Bhayander village, originally belonged to Balthasar Gomes. He selected a site for the church and erected it at his own expense. Fr. Simao de Nazareth, who was the Custos, laid the firt stone. (Meerman 1957:149)


Though the church was attacked by the Marathas in 1739, we do not know the extent of damage it suffered but the Franciscan Fathers had to leave and the Secular clergy took over.


The Church was rebuilt in 1866 and then extended in 1890 and remodeled in 1910 and early 1980s.


The Churhc of St. Jeorome at Kashimira with its villages was always filial and in the jurisdiction of the Churhc of Our Lady of Nazareth at Bhayander till it became an independent parish on the 10th of June 1975.



Courtesy: East Indian Calendar 2006