Korlai is the only existing place where East Indians still speak Portuguese. This is a very old Portuguese dialect called Creole. There are very few of them who speak this, as the new generation has taken up the state language of Marathi and there are very few of these who know English.

Mount Carmel Church at Korlai


The Beautiful alter

An Intriguing antique picture of the Last Supper hangs at the roof of the church


List of Donors


Village Houses

A short distance from the village lies a fort.



There has been very little efforts done to preserve the heritage of these wonderful people. Their church collection is so little that it is shocking that the church building still survivies, that too when this church falls within the Archidiocese of Bombay, which has huge amounts of funds. The people of this village are giving up their language, and leaning more marathi, so that they can get into the "mainstream". While this is quite understandable, it should be noted that this last bastion of peple who know protuguese will be lost forever. There have been very many historians who have visited this place, including those from Portugal itself. The only reason for people to losse the language of their ancestors is that they need to move to some other place for survival. There are many individuals who are making efforts to alliviate the sufferring of the people of Korlai, but a much stronger and collaborative effort is needed.