Ghorbandar today is a forgotten name. the now famous life-line road of Salsette, namely the SV Road used to be called Ghorbandar Road. Another example of the earliest of renaming to throttle the fiber of unity among the earliest of inhabitants. This road streched from Bandra way upto Ghorbandar via the Borivili Level crossing.


Another of the forgotten churches lie on the newly built road connecting Bhyandar to Thana. On a hillock lies a Church which is in existance since the time of the Portuguese ...


The Church as it is seen from the road linking Ghorbander and Thana.



OUR LADY OF HOPE Church at Golmal


Pilgrims have to walk over 200 steps to reach the church


The list of the Donors who helped to renovate this ancient church so that may continue to exist. This church used fall under the Bhyander parish, but is now being taken care of by St. John the Baptist Church, Thana.



Just a hill beside the Church is an Old Portuguese Fort, forgotten by history. Little is know of this fort, even though it is in a strategic spot that oversees bhyander as well as thana. It also has a sea inlet to allow boats to enter in. Inside this fort is also a pond, which has water practically throughout the year. Due to the unabated quarrying the forts walls have collapsed.