Few East Indians from the village, believe that Kanjur Marg got its name from the "Khazrache Zaade", i.e The Khajur Tree (Date Palms).


Kanjur Marg has a tighly knit East Indian Community, who are active in various aspects of East Indian activities, be it in the Church or be it for some cultural function.


Kanjur Marg is essentially divided into two pakadis, the upper pakadi and the lower pakadi.


The old church which also falls in Kanjur Marg is the Trinity Church. The famous "Trindat-cha san" was a well know feast, where people from all over Salsette used to come in their horse carriages. People drive past this unnoticed church when going from Powai, past IIT, towards the East Express highway.


The ruins of the old church exist even today. Being on top of the hill, it used to provide a fantastic scenery, of surrounding villages below it as well as the lake behind it.

The few marking on the old walls of this church that could be easily found