Like other East-lndian Villages in Mumbai, Kharodi also has its own History. Being the  Original Natives of Mumbai, East-Indians of Kharodi Village owned the entire stretch of land from the present-day Malwani Colony upto the Aakashwani and even beyond on which they used to cultivate mainly Paddy alongwith some vegetables. The now developed Jankalyan Nagar was also partially owned by the Native Villagers. Decades ago Villagers would also produce salt in the salt-pans alloted to them by the Britishers.  But unfortunately, many people sold off their ancestorial properties due to reasons like poverty and so on. Some in Village have also sold thier houses to Builders and are now staying in either a small room or in rooms on rent. Anywhere, I am thankfull and proud of my Parents and Grandparents for preserving their ancestorial property till date. Today hardly any Villagers own any land. I will keep in touch with you regularly and help you in the wonderfull work you are doing for our lost Community.  

Courtesy: Jake Gonsalves