Church of St. Peter

Erected 1913 (ref: Catholic Diocese of Vasai)


            The old fishing village of Koliwada was located, outside the great Fort, a the southern tip of Bassein. During the Portuguese times the Catholics of the village used to attend services at one of the churches within the confines of the Fort. However, after the destruction of all the Churches within the Fort during the Maratha invasion of 1739, the Catholics of Koliwada were registered as parishioners of Our Lady of Remedies Church, Remedy.

            In 1905 Fr. Jaoquim Milagres Pimenta of Remedy began conducting catechism classes for the children in the village and with the support of the local leaders built a makeshift chapel for them. Soon the people of the village eager to have a respectable church of their  own urged and assisted Fr. J. M. Pimenta to build a church on land donated by local fisherman.

            The church was completed in 1913 and significantly dedicated to St. Peter the Apostle. A Large statue of St. Peter, imported from Europe, was placed in the Church. The same year the village of Koliwada gained the status of an independent parish with Fr. Jaoquim Pimenta as its first Parish Priest. It was the first new parish to be formed since Bassein came under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Damaun.


Koliwada, Vasai, Dist. Thana 401 201

Te: 0250 2324256 / 232 1338



1) Unique Traditional Mass Weddings second week of Feb.      No weddings are held throughout the year.

2) 15 August fishing vessels are brought together a mass is celebrated and each boat is blessed. Fishing Season Launching Mass

3) Church feast, first week of January.