Church of St. Michael

Erected 1606 (ref: Catholic Diocese of Vasai)


The Church of St. Michael of Porim (or Purim) was named after the village in which it was located. The name of this village was changed to Minickpur in the beginning of the 20th century.

            Till 1606 the Ctholics of Porim were parishioners of St. Thomas, Sandor. It was only at the insistence of the Jesuit Provincial that the Archbishop of Goa, Dom Aleixo de Menzes decide to make Porim and independent parish. The simple mud and thatch structure that was built immediately, proved inadequate a while later due to the increasing number of Catholics. The Jesuit Fathers at the Fort, realising the necessity of a larger church decided to build one on the spacious grounds in the center of the five “pacarias” of Wananapor, Devamany, Porim, Navgaon and Ullmemany. The completed church, dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel was considered “perfect in every respect”. The jurisdiction of the new parish also extended to the villages of Gocavarem (Gokhivera), calmona, Balliam, Sattolli, Achola and Rajaoli.

            The church was the first to be demolished by the conquering Maratha Army in 1739 advancing eastwards towards the Fort. A new church was built on the same site as the old church presumably in 1783 which was the date inscribed on an old cross located by Fr. Conti among the ruins of the old church. The Jesuits left and the parish was taken care of by the secular clergy untill march 1949, when it was returned to the Jesuits.

However, six year earlier in 1943, a parish was set up in the village of Gokhivara, independent of the parish of Manickpur and a year later in 1974, a chapel dedicated to the Immaculate Conception was built in Umela (Naigaon) to cater to the needs of the Catholics of that village.


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The final stage in the Union of the East Indian Federation with the Association is described in the paragraph relating to the East Indian Federation. The principal factor that led to this culmination and also to a confederation of all parties was a great “Unity Meeting” convoked on the initiative of Dr.D.A.De Monte the President of the Association and held at the East Indian Hall at the Bandra Gymkhana on 12th October 1935. Monsignor D. Remedios presided and he was supported by the Very Rev.D.De Sa, Rev. J.J.Dias, Rev. P.A.Fernandes and Rev. P. Edward Fernandes. They made a fervent appeal for unity. Mr. D.J.Ferreira struck a keynote when he exclaimed: “Let us return to our Mother Association”. Mr. Jos Alex Dias assured his hearty co-operation to all who were out to labour for unity in the Community. Mr. J.F.Pereira ex-President of the East Indian Federation stated that the Federation was started to put life into the Association and that this being done the former must merge into the latter. Mr. John De Mello one of the few surviving original members of the Association, Mr. Michael M.Colaco from Bassein and Mr. F.X.D’Silva stressed the need for a harmonious homogeneous body. All shades of opinion were represented. Complete unanimity prevailed and the spirit remains and promises to endure.




The Icons of Manickpur



Late Mr. Michael Mathew Colaço ( Saumiguel ) : Recipient of the Papal award, “Pro Ecclesia Et Pontifice” bestowed upon him by Pope Paul VI, for his distinguished service to the Catholic church.

Born: 13-10-1908
Died: 28-6-2000
Spouse: Married to Mrs. Santan M Colaço (24-06-1912 to 28-03-1986)
Children: Mathew, Joseph, Elizabeth, Philomena, Frank, Cecilia, Don Bosco, Catherine and Linus.
Education: B.A. LLB. (The first Christian Law Graduate of Vasai)
Job: Senior Officer in Income-Tax Department.
Social Activities: 1. Founder and Director of “Young Men Catholic Association” (Manickpur).
2. He played a key role in the establishment of several schools and churches- the place for the Bishop’s House and Vidyavikasini High school (Fatherwadi, Gokhivare) was purchased by bringing together the local Landlords and getting them to collaborate on this social project- doing all the legal paperwork and making it readily accessible to their respective owners. He looked after the complete organization of Manickpur, Chulne and Gokhivare Church- completing all the legal formalities and handing over the property to their respective owners- religious and social activities was his first preference- he had to compromise his time for his family.
3. He was the Secretary of “Bombay East Indian Association."
4. He spearheaded the formation of St. Augustine’s H.S; Carmelite Girls’ school and Nirmalamata Girls’ school.

Articles: A Brief Outlook on the East Indians of Bassein
Spiritual Life: He was a Devout Catholic and had a special devotion to St. Michael Archangel and our Lady of Fatima.
Achievements: He was awarded “Pro Ecclesia Et Pontifice” by Pope Paul VI for his social contribution to the Christian community of Vasai and the Catholic Church.

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