Manori Church: Our Lady of Perpectual Help


Manori Church Altar

For Your Information:

Manori Church was built by the portuguese in 1559. This was destroyed in the Maratha Invasion and repaired in the year 1815. From 1912 Fr. Paolo Khaitan Telis of Goa used to reside here.


Beautiful view of one of the village of Manori

The feast of Our Lady of Perpectual Help is celebrated at Manori on the 2nd Sunday of November. It is a day of great celebrations. In the Evening, there is the East Indian Singing Competition. This year (2006) it marked the 42nd East Indian Competition. The crowd that attends this function is massive. Both the young and old, males and females dress up in their traditional best. It should be noted here that the function more often than not starts at 10 pm. and carries on untill all the singers are done, which more often than not, ends in the wee hours of the morning. Since practically all are known to one another, there is absolute harmony.

The wonderful part of East Indian Competition is that the singers compose their own songs and put it to music. Not only are there "urta gaane" but also "serious" issue base songs. What was indeed noted, was the way the song depicting the harassment by the mighty powerful Essel Group on the East Indian villages, and through song, the singer stroked emotions of East Indians to stand together and to fight for Justice.

Most in and around these parts appreciate the efforts and the support of a fellow East Indian, Mr. Gilbert Mendonca. He and his family go out of the way to support the East Indian Causes.