Church of Our Lady of Mercy

Erected 1606 (ref: Catholic Diocese of Vasai)


            Nestled between the villages of Sandor and Remedy and three kilometers northwest of the fort, lay a quaint village that laer came to be known as ‘Merces”

            In the latter half of the 14h century, the catholic folk of the village, predominately fisher folk (kolis), preferred o attend religious services at Remedy, being more accessible and convenient that their own parish of Sandor. It was therefore, only a mater of time before the people of Merces had their own church and parish. The village was named after th church which in Portuguese is “Nossa Senhora das Merces

            The date of the foundation of this church is in dispute. The Chroniclers – the Jesuit reports of 1669 and Fr. Conti (Contact 1974 Vol. V. No. 6) appear to indicate a consensus on the date as 1606.

            The parish of Our Lady of Mercy was under the care of the Augustinian Fathers till the Maratha Invasion in 1739 when the church was destroyed and the priest fled. The parish subsequently came under the preview of the vicar of Remedy until the latter half of the 19th Century.

            The church was rebuilt in 1856 and on January 17,1862 Fr. Sabastiao Jose Florencio de Faria was the first Vicar of the Secular Clergy (Humbert 11:123)

            In course of time the church was renovated and extended with a proch and a new wing included.


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