Church of the Holy Spirit

Erected 1573 (ref: Catholic Diocese of Vasai)

Situated between the villages of Nirmal and Agashi and 13 Kilometers north of the Fort of Bassein, lies the historical church of the “Holy Spirit”, A fruit of the early missionary activity of the Franciscans, that dates back to 1573 or thereabout.

            The church was built primarily for the convenience of those parishioners of Holy Cross who lived closer to Nandakhal. As the number of parishioners increased in Nandakhal, the parish was separated from the Holy Cross parish with a Vicar of its own.

            The Maratha invasion of 1739 forced the Franciscans to depart but the church was one of the few in Bassein that escaped destruction. “Legend has it that the Maratha soldiers sho stormed the church retreated when attacked by a swarm of bees, denizens of the woods that surrounded the Chruch”.

            In 1910 the church was “reconditioned” and in 1930 a proch was adde along with a fewalterations like the inclusion of galleries and additional windows in the church. The original Portuguese architecture has, however, not been altered.

            The parish of the Holy Spirit has retained its position as the larges parish in entire Bassein, in terms of Numbers.


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