Oshiwara Village is situated right between Jogeshwari and Goregaon, the village is bisected by S.V. Road , formerly Godhbunder road, which in the old days stretched from Bandra to Godhbunder.  During high tides the marshy bay used to touch the present S.V. Road .


Initially we were parishioners of St Blaise’s Church Amboli however due to long distance we started having masses in our village houses by visiting Jesuit priests and  gradually we build or Church namely Christ The King Church.


Like most of the villages of Bombay, Oshiwara Village was full of hills, greenery and paddy fields, and used to be a meeting point for  the bullock carts and horse carts racing.  East Indian pilgrims going for Erangal feast, Kashimira feasts etc use to pass by Oshiwara Village .


Practically all the land in the area belonged to the East Indian Community and the Parsee’s.  With the rapid development and inflow of other faiths we the original land holders have almost lost all our land  and the present state is such that we the original inhabitants are not more than 1 to 2 percent of the population of the entire area.


As development took to greater strides the infrastructure  of the area also developed,  an in a matter  of almost 30 to 40 years the level of S.V. Road have increased by over 2  to 3 feet,  indirectly having become a cause of worry since our old houses are now almost 3 feet below S.V. Road.  Every year during monsoon we have to face great hardship as the entire village is flooded,  complains to BMC and other local leader so far have not shown positive results.


Inspite of all the lost glory and we being in limited numbers we still have our pleasant days as we all get together on important feast days and celebrate it with fun and frolic.


Courtesy: Mr. Wickiam Pereira