Cathedral of Our Lady of Grace

Erected 1574


Our Lady of Grace was the second parish to be founded in South Bassein outside the fort, the first being St. Thomas, Sandor.


According to chronicles this parish came to being around 1574.


This church was located approx. 3 Km. from the fort.


The parish included people from the village of Davly (Remedy), part of Sandor and Maferegua. These people were poor farmers and mainly survived on manual labour.


Originally the parish had around 1,388 parishioners.


The Jesuits took care of this parish until the Maratha invasion in 1789. Unlike other churches during the invasion, this church was not destroyed. The Jesuits were forced to leave and the parish was then taken care by the Vicar of Palle. It was much later, in 1839 that the parish got a Vicar of its own.