San Thome Church, Sandor (Built 1566), Bassein


The village of Sandor lies in the central part of South Bassein. The Church here is dedicated to Saint Thomas, the Apostle of India and was built by the Jesuits fathers in 1556 and was called the Mother Church of all church in South Bassein.


The Church escaped destruction ar the hands of the Marathas in 1739 but the Jesuits however had to quit Bassein and the parishes under the care of the secular clergy.


A new church was started under the invocation of St. Thomas, Patron Saint of India. The first mass was said there on the Feast of St. Thomas (December 21). The new church was built on the same spot where the previous one was burnt down. The church was then extended in 1889 (Hull 1:5). No other changes or improvements were made except that a cross in front of the church and a grotto of Our lady of Lourdes have been added. The three altars in the Church are from one of the Churches in Bassein Fort and are still intact today.


Courtesy: East Indian Calendar 2006