Uttan is an area that each and every modern day East Indian should visit. For that matter every historian and moral custodians of Bombay should visit. For this is the only area where one can see what Bombay used to be prior to industrialization and "modernization". Note here it is not as if these places are not self sufficient or unhappy.

It will also show that Bombay too was green and riddled with small quaint villages, and each village had their own uniqueness. Also each and every person knows everyone within the village. A perfect community.

It would also depict that every village had its village cross at every entry point of its village. The Cross was either a simple cross or like a small grotto, where prayers were often said. The villages have typical East Indian houses with tiled roofs and varandahs with the little open space for flowering plants as well as trees. The "Green Touch" of the East Indians has not deserted them, for almost every East Indian House, be it a bungalow or a flat, one will always see live plants.

Similarly the village almost always had a village well for drinking water. In most places in Bombay, the BMC have forcibly closed these wells citing problems like suicides and "open water" related illness. However, during BMC strikes and major shut down of pipelines these wells come to the rescue. Not to mention the kind of money made by some officials who cover these wells, that the locals cannot use, but connect pipes, so that the water may be pumped out for the tankers. Clearly a nexus with the water/tanker mafia.


The cross over looking the local East Indian Fisherfolk of Uttan

Local village life including a Bullock cart, and drying fish

Ladies in Uttan using the "mollie" to cut/clean the fish and the "patta" and "oranta" to grind the masala

Local East Indian Fisher lady who arrives at the doorstep to sell fresh fish

The polite East Indian Houswife belling out the hand made bread or "apa". Side one can see the "chula" or the fire place for cooking food. On it is the "khapri" on which the "apa" is baked.


Other Local East Indians busy sorting out fish for selling

Young East Indian Males building up a boat.

Antiuque Photo of Boat Building (Courtesy: Walter Murzello)


Village well



Antique Photo of the Uttan Church (Courtesy Walter Murzello)

Our Lady of the Sea Church, Uttan

The original statue of Our Lady of the Sea with baby Jesus in her left hand carved out of a single block of wood. This statue was found by the fisherfolk whilst fishing in the sea.


The names of the benefactors of the Church