Antique photograph of the Bethlehem Church (Courtesy : Walter Murzello)


Bethlehem Church (Uttan)

Bethlehem Church has on it engraved the year 1613 indicating it was either constructed in that year or a major renovation was done.

The marble stone clearly states "This church was renovated during the Vicarship of Rev. Fr. Pascoal Collaco who by great energy and patience carried out a difficult and costly work in this poor parish without outside pecuniary aid. . . ."

By the above we see the will and the strong faith of the local East Indians which is no longer (in today's day) acknowledged by various among the Clergy as well as Government Bodies.

Infant Jesus Church is a very beautiful and picturesque well within an old East Indian Village whose members are humble farmers.

The infant Jesus Church lies besides the ruins of another church which was constructed by "the Franciscans" around "1602" and "was destroyed by...". Unfortunately the local East Indians could not remember the name of that church nor the exact detail written on the wall in marathi.

Fatima Church

This church is about 400 years old. In order to reach this church one has to climb about 200 steps to the top. When on the top, we can see the surrounding hills way up to the sea