There were native, Marathi speaking Catholics in Vihar - Powai area from the middle of the 16th century. However the location of the parish church of this area had to be changed from Vihar to Powai due to the frequent outbreaks of malaria in the former site.during the Maratha Portuguese wars (1737-1739) the church in Powai (Holy Trinity) was abandoned and the catholics of the villages within the parish migrated to Vikhroli, Bhandup and Kanjur.

St. Joseph Church Vikhroli was built in 1910, the nucleus of its parishioners being those who had moved into the area from Holy Trinity Parish, Powai. in the subsequent decades thousands of Catholics moved into the Vikhroli parish.

from about 1910 till 1956 the Parish Priest of Vikhroli was in charge of the Holy Trinity Church Powai and from 1956 this charge was entrusted to the Parish Priest of Kanjur till Powai was once again made an independent parish in 1968.

(this information is taken from the Parish Bulletin March 2010 on occasion of its Centenary celebration.)

Courtesy: Sr. Olive D'Souza